Protect your premises from trespassers, vandalism, and burglary

TechB supplies and installs a comprehensive range of CCTV surveillance systems, from single cameras to fully integrated, remotely monitored solutions. We can perform a site evaluation to determine the type, placement, and number of surveillance cameras needed to keep your business safe.

Our CCTV cameras provide 24/7, real-time view of your property, making sure you never miss a thing. Our remote monitoring feature allows you to view live footage on your mobile devices at any time. You can see who’s entering your premises and keep an eye on any areas that may be particularly vulnerable.

Our expert technicians can design and install comprehensive video surveillance systems, combining the best hardware and applications available to keep your premises and assets secure.

TechB’s CCTV solutions give you:

  • Smartphone and tablet integration for remote viewing
  • Custom surveillance camera installations that meet your security needs
  • Training on how to properly operate your surveillance system
  • Alerts of any suspicious activity via text or email