Email and Spam Protection

Enterprise-level security and encryption for your email system

Your company uses email every day, but are you protected from threats like spam, viruses, and malware? With Email Security from TechB, your business will have a reliable and secure email system without having to worry about the threats that can make your sensitive data vulnerable.

TechB’s Email and Spam Protection solutions give your company the best possible defence against all the harmful attacks that are disguised as legitimate messages and attachments. Our solutions are designed not only to protect your inbox from outside threats, but also simplify the system to make it more user friendly.

One security breach is all it takes to compromise your entire business -- take no chances when it comes to email security.

Email Security from TechB provides:

  • Spam filter - stop spam in its tracks with our intelligent filtering system
  • Maximum security - firewalls and encryptions that prevent online threats and safeguard your inbox
  • Customised scanning - optimise the use of your system’s resources
  • Accountability - you’ll notice an immediate drop in junk mail the moment our protection is turned on